The Order of Carmelites has its origins on Mount Carmel, in Palestine, where, as we read in the II Book of Kings, the great

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Religious Trust Of The Tamilnadu
Carmelite Province Ocd
Caemelite Provincial House
Sirumalar Nagar, Manikandam

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Provincial Superior
Fr. Jeyaraju, OCD
Tel : 0431- 2680675, 2680575

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There are two vocation promoters appointed for recruiting vocations
from the parishes and schools of
Dioceses of Tamil Nadu.

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It was the great desire of pope Clement VIII, to found a mission in Persia with the help of the Discalced Camelites. Accordingly Discalced Carmelites advented to our country in the beginning of the seventeenth century, and founded their first residence at Tattan in Sind (Pakistan) and second in Goa in 1620. The missionary activities of the Carmelites extended to the Southern most part of Tamil Nadu from the 18th century onwards. Around 1780, Fr. Fray Paolino, a Carmelite, who was staying at a chapel near Padmanabhapuram, persuaded the minister of Maharaja to stop the persecution of the people who had been arrested to be hung upon trees, cruelly beaten and terribly tortured. Msgr. Aloysius Maria Benziger OCD, a Swiss-born Carmelite of the Flemish Province, the first Coadjutor (1900-1905) and later Bishop of Quilon (1905-1931) was the one who envisaged the restoration of regular Carmelite life in India. At his time (1930) only the present Diocese of Kottar was created as a new Diocese. At his request the Province of Flanders in Belgium sent a group of three religious on 10th March, 1901 to India. On 7th November, 1913 they started a canonically erected Carmelite House at Thuckalay, which was the Mission residence of them till they handed it over to the Indian foundation on 3rd December, 1929. Read More


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Carmel Academy is an educational institution that stretches each child's intellect and creativity; that is passionate about Jewish identity and values; that is committed to the betterment of our world and a strong bond with the State of Israel. Our faculty models it ... our students live it.

Mount Carmel School

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Valangaiman ITI

The Sirumalar ITI was oringinally run by “Sri Venkateswara Trust”. It is situated 13kms Read More

V guard

Details of V-GuardCenters run by Carmelite Fathers, Tamil Nadu Province. The words of Jesus for Read More

Boys Home

‘Towards the total involvement’ is the motto of Tamil Carmel. Besides our spiritual ministry we dedicate Read More

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Thummuchinnampatty school is run by Carmelite fathers of Tamil Nadu province in order to provide adequate infrastructural facility for the basic education of the rural poor dalit children . The building consists of class rooms and a staff and office room.

We have a Carmel youth center in Manalikkarai. It helps to empower the skills of the youth. Various programs, social activities are organized and arranged for the good of the youth. It was started by Fr. Jerome paraippalli on 1st June 1966.

The Order of Carmelites has its origins on Mount Carmel, in Palestine, where, as we read in the II Book of Kings, the great prophet Elijah defended the true faith in the God of Israel, when he won the challenge against the priests of Baal.