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Dear Rev. Fathers, Brothers and Sisters.

Greetings and wishes in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and our Mother Most Beauty of Carmel.

At the outset I would like to bring to your attention that we are celebrating our Orders most important solemnity and feast in this month, The solemnity of our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Feast of our Father Prophet Elias. As they are fast approaching, we may as our Lady’s enthusiastic brothers prepare ourselves spiritually for the celebration of the solemnity and Feast.

Let these be moments of grace, providence, care, acceptance, forgiveness and peace. This is an ascending experience into the Mount Carmel with our Mother where we walk with Jesus at our close. Let us all prepare for this ascend with the spirit of Allegiance, Prayer and Mission as our Holy Father Francis puts it.

Our life in Carmel is marked with these three elements. Let us be meticulous to mend three of them together which will slowly unfurl in our day today life

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